1How do I buy a knife from the Puma Knife Man website ?
It's easy ! Just in case we have more than one of the same model, please email us with the Model Number and the Item Number found with the information on the knife detail page. You can use our Contact page or use your own email service. That will initiate the contact with you and we will follow-up with you as soon as possible. Please remember that this is a hobby and we are sometimes busy with other things. Please be patient.
2Are you Interested in Making an Offer ?
We know we don't always get the price right. Markets can and do change. All markets are local and differ from region to region. We allow consignment owners to set their own prices and offer guidance when asked. There are many explanations for the prices we put on our items. For these reasons, you are more than welcome to inquire about an item and make a reasonable offer on it. If an item is on our site, we want to sell it. The longer an item remains on the site, the more receptive we are to lowering the price and to make a deal with you. You will find us easy to discuss your offers.
3How do I sell a knife to the Puma Knife Man ?
If you are ready to sell a knife or a collection of knives, please contact us. We specialize in the collector market and we have interest in Collector Quality knives. These include Mint and Near Mint items. If you are considering this option, please email or call us to begin the discussion. It is best to send us photos of your knife or knives so we can give you an estimate. Generally speaking, we purchase knives below the estimated retail price to sell on our website. Generally, we offer 30-50% below market value depending on the model. This range is reasonable and customary for our specialized markets. Rare knives have higher retail values than common models. It is the reason for the range of what we can offer for you knives. All Estimates are subject to our hands-on examination once we receive the knife. If you want more for your knives, you might consider consignment with us. For this we charge 20% of the final value for our fee.
4How do I make a consignment to the Puma Knife Man to sell for me ?
A consignment with us may be the best way for you, a family member or an estate executor to dispose of a knife or a whole collection. You will make the most money doing it this way. Our consignment fees are currently 20% of the final value. We do all the work, i.e photos, descriptions, posting online, email communication with prospective buyers and finally, shipping. We offer guidance but we let you set the price on our site for your item(s). Knives with better pricing values or great deals will sell quicker. In any case, you must have patience with the process. If you price it correctly, your knife will sell.
I accept PayPal, US Postal Money Orders and Bank Cashier Checks. I also accept personal checks but they must clear the bank before an item can be sent to you. If you use a credit card through PayPal, a 4% processing fee will be added to the sale price. This allows us to keep our prices low and offer you the convenience of immediate payment if you desire.
I will also accept layaway plans, as I realize with the price of some rare pieces these days, this may be the only method by which some of us may acquire something for our collection. I require about 1/3 advance payment, and you may work the balance out with me. If nothing to the contrary has been arranged, monies paid will be forfeited if the balance is not paid within 90 days from the date the deposit was made. Under no circumstances will I relinquish ownership of the merchandise until payment in full is made. Layaways running over 90 days are considered a Final Sale and have no return privilege.
7Puma Knife Man Guarantee
All items, unless otherwise stated in the description, are offered with a lifetime (mine!), money-back warranty as to authenticity. Should the artifact be altered in any way, i.e. cleaned, buffed blade, or anything I deem detractive to the value, or ownership subsequently transfered, the warranty is void. Great efforts have been made to fairly describe each item in minute detail, the good points and the bad. In fact, I try to go overboard to point out any flaws, so that prior to ordering, the reader should have a fair mental picture of the condition. In all cases we use photography in order for the viewer to better judge the quality and condition of each piece. If further photos are required, please contact us and we will accommodate your needs. After receiving your collectible, if you feel it still was not properly described, please return it within 5 working days, for an immediate, no questions asked, refund. However, if the item has been cleaned, disassembled or altered in any way, this could jeopardize the guarantee and lower the amount of the refund. If you purchase a consigned item, it absolutely must be returned within the five day period, as once the consignor has been paid, a refund cannot be made unless there is a question of authenticity. Consigned items have a letter "C" following the stock number.
Prices found on the site do not include shipping. We have both a Domestic and International collector base and prices for shipping are difficult to include in the description. We normally ship Priority Mail or First Class International Parcel Service. All shipments are insured and are sent signature required. Costs are subject to the destination, weight and size of the box. Please contact us for an estimate.